From the standpoint of a normal person, it might seem there is nothing particularly difficult about building horizontal iron art for your home or commercial building. It might seem anyone with basic welding skills can make the necessary cuts and assemble the parts. And yet, biilding horizontal railings. gates or fences is arguably one of the most challenging tasks a designer has to face.
the shape must satisfy strict building codes meant to ensure your safety and climbing comfort.What we usually don’t realize is that we’re so used to uniform, professionally built handrails that the slightest discrepancy between scrollings or squares, construction of horizontal iron art requires careful layout and a lot of tricky calculations and estimations to get your job just right…
Here at Iron Guys, Mike is a dedicated professional with an extensive experience of iron works and design your rails keeping all of your requirements in mind and all the details that even you might miss. We offer gates and fence in wrought iron, steel, cable rails, wood, vinyl or a combination… All our materials are procured from leading brands and manufacturers in the industry so you can rest assured about the quality of materials being installed on your fence gate or railings…. we offer a wide range of powder coated paints please browse through our gallery to look at some of the railings and gate designs!

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