Before You Buy And Apartment Automatic Gate

big Parking lots commercial or apartment buildings need special attention when you considered to make them automatic!

I mean if you want your gate and remote control opener to last for years to come, specially if is big, the construction frame for your gate at least you want to use 2”x 4” frame 3/4” pickets and 3”x 3” posts, make sure to hire experienced installer, because, brackets chains or arms between gate and motor need to be align exact in order to prevent stress to your opener, and save tons of money in future repairs or maintenance

one more is the safety features or loop detectors on the floor because if one of those fails, that can cause an accident between your gate and vehicles  also my best suggestion for paint is to  use powder coating that to prevent rust, corrosion caused by the whether environment! here at ironguys I am personally perform gate openers and intercom systems installations!

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