RAM 2000 is ideal high traffic operations situations. the RAM 2000 is a commercial half horsepower motor, overhead gate operator. Lifting gates and for underground parkings and apartment buildings.

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Left / Right hand Switch Adjustment

One pass, ERD Sensitivity Adjustments

Automatic Timer

3-Wire Master/Slave Synchronization Cable

Plug-in Loop Detector (ILD-24s) Capability

Pre-warn & Constant Warn

Secure Close

Open & Close Delay

Relay Connection & Service Push Buttons.

Radio Cycle

Ramset industrial gate openers used in commercial underground parking garages where headroom for vehicular. The overhead gate opener lifts the gate overhead it is created to heft gates much heavier than an ordinary garage door. The operator and track hardware are also constructed much more substantially big to be able to hold these loads time after time

If you want good quality motor for your building, or residential facility, you really should contact us right away to learn more about the RAM 2000.


  • Maximum gate size: 20 ft
  • Maximum gate weight: 450 lbs
  • Limted parts warranty provided by Ramset: up to 10 years

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