the model Ram 1000 slide gate motor features an exclusive foot pedal release. The unique foot activated switch disengages the gate from the motor in an event of emergency. Just another great and unusual safety feature from Ramset and perfect for residential and commercial gate applications.

The rough and ready, one half horsepower unit rolls open a 35 foot, half ton gate at a quick foot per second speed…and will do so continuously for you day and night.

Add to that Ramset’s circuit board. This sophisticated, yet simple utility comes standard and works with Ramset slide vehicular gate operators. Run by a programmable microprocessor, it reads and precisely executes all functions and features of this gate opener. The motherboard sits separately from the motor and powered by a detached 24 VAC transformer which means that if the transformer it out, you can plug a new one in and avoid the wait time for a new circuit board to arrive not to mention the cost difference.

Some of the functions you can manage with the 0 – 60 seconds automatic close timer, self-adjusting accident sensing ERD. with low and high settings, plug-in loop detectors, left/right hand operation, constant warning and pre-warning, secure close, one pass, open and close delays and much more.

For added safety, there are electronic inputs for a remotes, receivers, fire department, photocell, key switches, keypad, card readers and alarms – three’s really so much more packed into this little 16″ x 16.5″ x 26″H gate opener that most people won’t even get to in 10 years which is the warranty offered by Ramset. They are confident that their product will last this long or they wouldn’t offer it.

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  • Maximum gate length: 35′. 
  • Maximum gate weight: 1,000lbs.
  • Limted parts warranty provided by Ramset: up to 10 years

Ramset 1000 slide video

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