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Were to get iron works in Los Angeles and beaches area



As iron work fabricator I start in 1990 first I start advertise in local areas in the city of Los Angeles Ca, most on this zip codes, 90012, 90013, 90014, 90015, 90017 90021, 90071, 90079, offering APARTMENT INTERCOMS for apartment buildings #Ironfence, Security Fence and Gates –

In 1991 I start see results then I continue spaying the word on the neighborhood on the city of Bell air Ca, most on this zip codes, 90077, 90049, offering IRON GATES, Architectural Iron Gates –

It was until 1993 when I start selling starting in the city of Encino Ca, 91436 doing REMOTE CONTROL GATES, #horizontaliron,

Then I grow in the city of Torrance Ca most on this zip codes, 91403. 91423, 91604, doing SECURITY GATES, #motorizegates, 

Little by little I continue in the city of Los Angeles Ca, working with different customers following with the city of long beach Ca area, most on this zip codes 90813, 90814, 90831, 90803, 90804, 90731, 90732, doing HORIZONTAL IRON FENCES, AND HORIZONTAL IRON RAILS #apartmentintercoms Iron Rails –

Later we take steps opening a YouTube channel and more clients from the city of Manhattan beach Ca, most on this zip codes, 90266 90278, coming to buy FORGE IRON WORKS and different others custom iron works #windowbars

After those days I will say 1995, I open my website we start invite people from the city of palos verdes Ca, most on this zip codes, 90275, 90274, to see the capacities, warranties, and models of our ELECTRIC IRON GATES, I was a big challenge because it was until 1997

When people of the city of Redondo beach Ca most on this zip codes, 90277, 90503, see that we have a good merchandise offering good prices and good materials on DRIVEWAY GATES, #irondoors,

They start to communicate to the neighbors in the city of hermosa beach Ca, most on this zip codes, 90254, 90278, and tell them that we do a lot of different types of CUSTOM IRON WORKS, #welding,

Then all surrounding areas start talking about my iron works place specially the city of El Segundo Ca, most on this zip codes, 90245, 90293, buying a lot of AUTOMATIC GATES, #ironrails,Gated Comunity –

I remember when I barely start selling in the city of Venice beach Ca, most on this zip codes, 90392, 90291, doing AUTOMATIC ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS, #ironstairs, no many people believe in me those days

But then little by little people star spreads the word the city of San Marino Ca, 91108, for example I been Doing a lot of IRON BALCONIES, #securitygates

Then people of the city of Pasadena Ca, also South and North Pasadena Ca, 9103, 91101, 91106, IRON DOORS, IRON BALCONIES #ironworks,  most on this zip codes, 91101, 91102, 91103, 91104, 91105, 91106, 91107, tart coming and buy a different type of

I have a hard time to introduce my business the city of Tarzana Ca, most on this zip codes, 91316, 91356, but after they see my reviews on yelp doing HORIZONTAL IRON GATES, #cablerails, they start convince their self’s that we are really work

Then in 1997 in the city of Santa Monica Ca most on this zip codes, 90401, 90402, 90403, 90404, 90405, 90066, they start see my WOOD AND IRON GATES Wood and Iron Works – styles and models and starting been approve.

From there I start google my business page in the year2010 an start showing it to customers in the city of north Hollywood Ca, 90064, that we are real, offer different products like WOOD AND IRON FENCES,


#irongates, It was until we start get attention of people true our Instagram page in the city of Westwood and Brentwood Ca, most on this zip codes, 90024, 90095, selling WELDING IRON WORKS,

LinkedIn help me a lot in the city of Beverly hills Ca, most on this zip codes, 90210, 90211, 90212, 90095, 90097, 90095, 90048, offering VINYL FENCE, AND WROUGHT IRON WORKS, FORGE

Then I proceed with rest of our local neighborhood like Century city Ca, 90067 doing STAINLESS STEEL CABLE RAILS, #securityfence,

Now our tick tock channel start bringing me costumer of Brentwood Ca, for example, most on this zip codes, 94513, 90025, 90049, doing IRON CUSTOM WORKS

Most of the products for example that I sell most in the city of Hollywood Ca, 90028, is SECURITY FENCES, #woodandiron,Gate Operators –

Or in the city of Los Feliz Ca, 90027, doing IRON FENCES, #forgeiron

Now 5 years ago I include PHONE ENTRY SYSTEMS, #phoneentry, I am starting get attention of new people for example in the city of Universal city Ca, 91608

One of the communities that I have with many, many return costumers is the city West Hollywood Ca, most on this zip codes, 90069, 90046, sell a lot of IRON RAILS AND IRON RAILINGS, HORIZONTAL IRON RAILS, Horizontal Iron Art – #automaicgates, thanks for reading!


About admin

Hello, my name is Fidel Rivas, I would like to start by telling you that I was the third child of a family of seven We are natives of the city of Durango Mexico in Durango our education and our economy was very pour very rickety in those conditions we fought a lot our development our growth to grow all between me and my brothers I could not go to school in a regular basis I just complete my 9th grade I get out of school at the age of 15 and from then on I started working To support my family in the wrought iron business blacksmith I remember my bones muscles not completely develop it was very hard work very difficult very strenuous but as there was no money because you had to stay no complain and don’t give up, So in these conditions I was developing little by little in 1980 at the age of 20 I mean 35 years ago I start thinking for an opportunity to come to USA people was talking very good histories about USA I decided to look for ways to overcome me and in the only means will be to cross for the United States thanks to God crossing to California and I settled in the city of Los Angeles there quickly I joined In a company that iron works factory making 3 dollars per hour, for me there was no choice and then I started to specialize and learn more about the profession new tools, the terminology of the work, it was a hard work because this job Tires you, burn you, consumes you, but as there was no other alternative and there is only one ting in mind, to move forward, because then I got married and quickly had two children and then I had no choice but to work and work, about 3 years later I was learning the language and little by little I wanted to understand more the profession because I planned in the future to become a specialist in my profession And so it was in those three years I was able to gather all the necessary and quickly I decided to look for a space to work my tools and a vehicle, that took me a while because it was needed while I kept my children because I started doing very small jobs because people did not trust much in my abilities and myself, but little by little and with time I was getting more and more reputation I open my own business formally in 1996 with city permits and I was taking many little contracts little by little approximately 25 years ago here in the city of Los Angeles in fact I have almost 40 years of experience in wrought iron but formally selling started 30 years ago selling my products and services all the experience that I have gathered day by day specializing in iron doors, automatic iron gates, fencing, intercom systems or telephone entry systems, and then now I am specialize in art work like stainless steel cable rails, remote control openers, wood and iron gates, fences steel doors and iron art. Just to mention some of the branches of my profession, more important all these time I have meet many people that recommend me because I heave thousands of job completed I am recently open a profile in yelp and Google my business I So I'm very proud because all the hard work finally paid off I have reviews of people who recommend my business at the moment I have I learned more that you can imagine about everything related to wrought iron and welding iron works and art I am a professional human in this industry and ready for any project with all the acknowledge and experience, you can ask me what you want to know my answer will be the best and most correct because I know the business 100% because it has been my only profession that I have done In all my life I have not done another type of work, nothing more than this. In this moment of my life I still have dreams, I want to continue serving the community and so people can recognize me so they can evaluate the quality of my work for the effort and hearth I put to each and every project but the same of important to deliver a product that really qualify in and counts and have a value Find a good buyer is a big challenge as the same to find a good and reasonable fabricator when I find the correct people it represents a significant responsibility to deliver a final product of excellent and quality Because for me what counts is that my own name continues to have a path of respect and if people seek me it is because they understand and know the quality type of manufacture and value of my product, with this only I want you to be clear that when you guys investing with me I will always make sure that your get more make sure you receive the maximum possible to deliver a final product of first quality! That is my guarantee!

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